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MK Echo K5412L Luminous Locator Frame
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 20.450.56
Luminous Locator Frame Mounting
Luminous Locator Frame for use with Modular Transmitters
K5412L / D 20.450.56 Luminous Locator Frame
Switch Mounted Luminous Locator Frame
K5412L / D 20.450.56 Luminous Locator Frame (Front)
(Rear View)
(Front visible view)
K5412L mounted on K5786 switch and K5776 single frame

Remove the existing intermediate frame from the transmitter by carefully releasing the two latch clips (3) in the sides of the frame using a small flat bladed screwdriver.

Carefully push the transmitter module into the luminous frame until the latch clips engage.

If the front cover becomes detached from the transmitter module refit by engaging the two hinges (2). Note the correct orientation by aligning the O and I markings on the transmitter and front cover (1).
The Luminous Locator Frame is a replacement intermediate frame for Echo modular wall transmitters. It enables easy location in complete darkness. After exposure to light the frame continues to glow in the dark due to the (non radioactive) luminous storage properties of the material. Exposure to 400 lux light level for 20 minutes ensures illumination at >0.3mCd/m2 for 12 hours.
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