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MK Echo K5421 Window Contact Transmitter
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 450 FU FK
Solar Powered Window / Door  Magnetic Contact Transmitter
K5421 / D 450 FU FK Window / Door Contact
K5421 / D 450 FU FK Window / Door Contact Mounting
No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
The Echo K5421 solar powered window contact transmitter monitors doors and windows in combination with Echo multi function receivers. When the magnetic contact is activated a signal is sent to any paired receiver indicating the current status open or closed. The window contact operates without batteries and is maintenance free.

To ensure sufficient solar storage illumination intensity should not fall below a daily average of 100 lux. An illumination duration of 2-3 hours at 100 lux leads to a storage for 14 hours in darkness. Higher illumination intensity reduces the required duration. Full energy storage allows operation in darkness for about 50 hours.

• The location of the magnetic contact is marked by an indentation in the window contact’s body
• Do not install the magnet at a distance of more than 5mm from the magnetic contact (indentation).
• NEVER install the window contacts within a metal body or in the immediate vicinity of big metal objects.

a) Gluing:
• Use adhesive tape for installation on flat and smooth surfaces such as window frames. Stick the adhesive tape to the back of the mounting plate as well as to the back of the magnet.
• Stick the mounted window contact and the magnet onto the surface.

b) Screws:
• Use the retaining plate and the magnet as a template and mark the drilling holes.
• Fix the retaining plate and the magnet with rawlplugs and screws.
• Engage window contact onto the retaining plate.

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Download the PDF K5421 Window Contact Transmitter Install Guide (Peha origin)
Download the PDF Echo Brochure

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