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K5422G / D 942 FU C KNX Gateway
MK Echo K5422G KNX Gateway
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 942 FU C.
Serves as a gateway between Echo EnOcean sensors and the EIB/KNX bus with additional functionality
The Echo K5422G KNX Gateway interfaces Echo sensors/transmitters with EnOcean Technology and KNX bus coupling units. The unit has 32 sensor channels, each of which can be configured with one of the following functions:

• Switching / Dimming
• Blinds / Shutters
• Temperature sensor
• Window contact
• Light sensor
• Motion detector

Touch sensors can be configured as one-key control or as rocker.
Up to 4 keys/rockers can be connected to one channel.

In addition, the device contains six control channels that can be connected with the communication objects of a sensor channel or of an external EIB/KNX sensor.
The following control types can be selected for each channel:

• Light, continuous
• Light, on/off
• Temperature, continuous
• Temperature, on/off
• Common 2-byte-float, on/off
• Common 0...255 (0...100 %), on/off

The function of each channel is selected with the ETS software by parameter. Depending on the selected function the EnOcean telegrams are mapped to up to 6 communication objects. Linking of sensors can be done with a interface in the device or remotely via KNX  bus with separately available software.

Power supply: Powered via bus
Current consumption: 25 mA
Connections: EIB/KNX connection

MK Electric technical helpline: 01268 563720
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