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MK Echo K5428D Plug Through Dimmer Receiver
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 4571 FU-EP DAB ST GB
Switches and dims a wide range of  lighting according to various programmable functions
K5428D / D 4571 FU-EP DAB ST GB Plug Through Dimmer Receiver
The Echo K5428D Plug Through Dimmer Receiver can be assigned to a maximum of 32 Echo switch transmitters, the function of each switch being individually programmable to control a wide range of lighting loads. Each transmitter can control an unlimited number of receivers. The receiver is designed plug directly into UK three pin socket and pass through to a UK three pin plug.

The use of Trailing Edge Phase Cut RC dimming ensures maximum compatibility with electronic dimmable transformers in low voltage lighting, together with filament lamps, high voltage halogen lamps and other resistive loads. Please check suitability in any application, particularly dimmable LED lighting. Not suitable for inductive loads such as conventional transformers.

The range between the transmitter and receiver (or repeater) in a typical house is about 30m (line-of-sight) and 100m in open spaces. The actual transmission range depends on the materials used in the building and nearby interference sources (See the product install guide). Range can be increased by the use of the Echo K5440R Repeater.

Standard function: ON/OFF/DIM with memory and soft start

Selectable functions:
• ON/OFF/DIM with programmable level
• Staircase style lighting with selectable switch OFF delay and advance OFF warning
• Save and activate 4 light scenarios at the touch of a button (one scenario per button)


Transmit frequency 868.3MHz
Power supply 230V~ / 50Hz
Ambient temperature -10 to +40°C
Storage temperature -20 to +60°C
Test specifications EN 60669-2-1
Identification CE
Protection type IP20

Load Types
Incandescent lamps
HV halogen lamps
Electronic transformer
Switching capacity 60-420W

MK Electric technical helpline: 01268 563720
Email:  Web:
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