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MK Echo K5744 Modular Wall Temperature Sensor
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 20.450.02 FU-RTR
High Quality Thermoplastic Solar Powered Wall Temperature Sensor available in White, Aluminium and Black
K5744WHI / D 20.450.02 FU-RTR Modular Wall Temperature Sensor
No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
The Echo K5744 solar powered temperature sensor transmitter measures temperature and allows rotary button set point adjustment within a single room. The sensor transmits measured values batteryless to  the corresponding thermostat receiver 451 FU-E RTR o.T or K5422G KNX Gateway. The Temperature Sensor Transmitter is mounted on the K5776 and K5779 range of frames. Additionally the K5412L luminous locator frame can be used to aid  location in complete darkness.
Modular Wall Temperature Sensor Frame Mounting

To ensure sufficient solar energy storage the temperature sensor must be mounted so that it receives a minimum of 200 lux for at least 4 hours a day from either artificial light or daylight.

Installation is made by gluing the sensor base plate to a smooth wall surface by means of the adhesive tape included. Alternatively, the base plate can be fixed by means of rawlplugs and screws. The chosen frame is then placed on the base plate along with the intermediate frame (supplied), and the sensor is finally engaged on the tabs.

Temperature Detection: Range:0°C…+40°C
Resolution: 0.15K
Absolute Accuracy: Typ. +/-0,4k
Sending Interval: Every 100 seconds if changes >0,8K, or >3° setpoint angle of rotation. Every 1000 seconds if changes <0,8K, or <3° setpoint angle of rotation.
Energy generator: Solar cell, internal goldcap, maintenance-free.

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Intermediate Frame
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