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MK Echo K5754 Sensolux Presence Detector
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 482 FU-BM DE
High Quality Thermoplastic Solar Powered Presence and Light Level Detector Transmitter
K5754 / D 482 FU-BM DE Presence Detector Transmitter
No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
The Echo K5754 solar powered sensolux presence detector registers the presence (movement) of persons and the ambient light level (IR component). These values are transmitted to the sensolux energy controller K5435R or K5422G KNX gateway for evaluation and appliance switching. With a full charge, the device can function for several days in complete darkness. For rooms without sufficient artificial or daylight (less than 50 lux) provision is made to operate the detector from two AAA batteries giving an 8 year lifetime.
K5754 Presence Detector Transmitter Layout
K5754 Presence Detector Transmitter Coverage
The detection range (approx. 25 m² - 36 m²) increases the higher the presence sensor is mounted, however the sensitivity reduces in proportion

• Install the mounting plate (supplied) on the ceiling over the detection area.
• Fit presence sensor and turn in clockwise direction until it snaps into position.

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Download the PDF K5754 Sensolux Presence Detector Install Guide (Peha origin)
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Radio technology from EnOcean
Optimum demand-driven lighting featuring state-of-the-art radio technology.
The SENSOLUX system offers maximum convenience and comfort when automatic and energy-efficient lighting control is what’s needed.
K5754 Presence Detector Transmitter Operation
Flexible Do you wish to control your lighting fully automatically or have the option of manual intervention via a remote control switch? The solar-powered radio-controlled presence detector and Easyclick remote control switch can be relocated easily and quickly in order to facilitate optimum usage even after their initial operation.
Energy efficient The radio-controlled
presence detector opens up new possibilities of enhancing the convenience offered by lighting systems and adapting them to meet individual needs. And, what is more, you save valuable energy too.