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MK Echo K5786 1 Gang Modular Switch Transmitters
Peha EnOcean Easyclick D 20.450.xx FU-BLS N
K5786WHI / D 20.450.02 FU-BLS N Single Gang Modular Switch Transmitter
K5786ALU / D 20.450.70 FU-BLS N Single Gang Modular Switch Transmitter
K5786BLK / D 20.450.21 FU-BLS N Single Gang Modular Switch Transmitter
High quality thermoplastic single gang switches available in White, Aluminium and Black finish
No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
The Echo K5786 single switch converts mechanical to electrical energy when a button is pressed or released, (off/up on/down neutral/centre) and transmits a radio signal to any paired Echo receiver(s) batteryless, wireless and maintenance free.
The switch transmitter is mounted on the K5776 and K5779 range of frames using the supplied retaining plate (shown mounted on the back of the switch in the pictures). Additionally the K5412L luminous locator frame can be used to aid switch location in complete darkness.
Modular Switch Transmitter Frame Mounting

When installing, note the installation orientation shown on the back of the transmitter
(O = top , I = bottom) (1).

a) Screws:
• Retaining plates (4) shall be used as a template to mark the drill holes.
• Drill dowel holes of 5 mm.
• Fix the retaining plate with included screws. The latches of the retaining plate have to be positioned as shown under point 4.
• Engage wall transmitter (2) and frame (3) on the retaining plate.

b) Gluing:
• Engage wall transmitter (2) and frame (3) on the retaining plate (4).
• Use adhesive strips for the installation on flat, smooth surfaces (such as painted walls, tiles, furniture, wood, glass, etc.) Glue the adhesive strip to both the upper and lower recess on the indentation of the retaining plate.
• Use adhesive film for the installation on glass. Glue the adhesive film to the inverse side of the retaining plate.
• Glue the assembled wall transmitter to the desired place.

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K5786 single switch mounted on frame
K5789 double switch mounted on frame
Rear retaining plate for frame mounting
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