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MK Electric Echo
No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
Imagine switch technology and automated systems that need no wiring, use no batteries and are effortless to install and commission. Echo™ is an innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self-powered switches and controls which can work together offering even more convenience and energy saving opportunities.

The latest extension brings considerably greater capability to the range including light dimming, scene setting, presence sensing, temperature control, door/window position detection, extractor fan and blind control, and plug through switching and dimming.

No wires offer almost instant switch installation and total location flexibility, resulting in reduced cost and disruption, particularly where the channelling of walls isn't convenient or practical. Applications include historic buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, laboratories, offices, hospitals, houses, conservatories and onboard ships.

EnOcean technology exploits ambient energy instead of environmentally unfriendly batteries to operate wirelessly at ranges of up to 300 metres in free space, 30 meters within typical buildings, maintenance free. This can be extended with the KNX Gateway allowing Echo products to communicate with KNX home automation systems.

A receiver can be programmed to be operated by up to 30 switches, while any number of receivers can be activated by a single switch. Where signals are obstructed by impervious materials such as granite or steel, repeater units can extend transmission range.
Building a new residential development
– want innovative and flexible solutions
for your clients?
Echo is an innovative range of entirely
wireless, batteryless and self powered
switches. No wires means instant
installation and total location flexibility
Want to add new switches but
don’t want the hassle of having
to redecorate?
Adding switches couldn’t be simpler –
wireless echo means there’s no need to
run cables or channel walls, eliminating
the disruption, cost and time required to
Want to control lighting remotely?
The echo remote control can be
programmed to provide simple
and quick control of your lighting
Want to control lighting in your
Echo switches are wireless and so do not
require a mains supply, ideal for locating
inside of the bathroom. simply mounted
to any wall type – glass, brick, etc. – using
adhesive pads or screws.
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