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Headphone Amplifier Box
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Stereo Headphone Amplifier Box
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The Balance Box
Microphone or line level amplifier for balanced or unbalanced signals

• Precision true floating transformerless balanced input and output
• Simple interfacing between balanced and unbalanced signal lines
• Ultra low noise and distortion
• High Common Mode Rejection

The Phantom Power Box
48 volt microphone phantom powering unit

• High efficiency DC to DC converter for extended battery life
• Low noise and distortion
• Accurate line balance for high common mode rejection
• Suitable for converting any microphone amplifier to P48 standard phantom powering

The Headphone Amplifier Box
Balanced or unbalanced microphone or line input to headphone output

• Precision transformerless balanced input
• Balanced or unbalanced signal lines
• Sensitivity selectable for a wide range of signals
• Loop through facility

The Stereo Headphone Amplifier Box
Stereo balanced or unbalanced line input to stereo headphone output

• Precision differential left and right inputs
• Balanced or unbalanced signal lines
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